Air to ground / Ground to Air Dispatch System

– supports any corporate, business and commercial Air operation for in-flight communication as well as tracking and monitoring the Aircraft fleet:
airto ground

Air to Ground transmission of:

  • ACARS-messages for terminal position reports
  • in-flight GPS-position for flight-tracking
  • flight level status: planned vs. actual
  • engine performance data and fuel-status: actual vs. planned

Ground to Air transmission of: 

  • Weather information update: METAR, TAF, SIGMET, other
  • Load-sheet and weight&balance update
  • Flight-Plan updates
  • NOTAMs


  • ARINC / SITA interface


  • Open server architecture:
  • Server as stand-alone, web-based or network-integration
  • MS-windows-based


Aircraft load-plan

– Aircraft Load-plan and enhanced load-sheet compilation necessary for the determination of the accurate flight-envelope, based on the planned passenger on board, freight and operational items. This program brings out all relevant documents for a proper flight preparation:
typical load sheet

  • Load-sheet with flight envelope
  • Aircraft load-plan
  • Load/trim sheet and standard IATA load-/trim sheet


  • Dynamic compilation based on flight-parameters
  • Standard IATA EDP compliant
  • Compilation approved by major Aircraft OEM’s


  • MS-Windows-based